Our Story

Blossom and Sky has been created by two Italian-Australian sisters, Lilly Jane and Evelyn Rose. The two grew up in Byron Bay NSW, attending the local Steiner school where appreciation for art, beauty and nature was instilled in them.

Josie, their Italian Mother designed jewellery in her early teens and collected pieces where ever she travelled. Lilly and Evelyn were exposed to beautiful jewels from all over the world from an early age and this is where the passion began.

Jewellery runs deep within the Italian heritage. Their grandmother travelled to Italy and brought back immaculate gold Charmed Bracelets, the classic Madonna pendants with gold hearts and chains. They loved their jewels dearly but weren’t allowed to wear them just in case they lost them. Sneak peaks at the jewellery box were a weekly occurrence. 

They have never gotten rid of any of their beautiful pieces they were given and now they have become the inspiration for beautiful new designs and collections.

"Jewellery to us is an expression. It shows a little glimpse of your soul and personality. A Jewel can be from a loved one or a piece that has truely touched your heart that you just had to have."~Evelyn & Lilly

At Blossom and Sky we want to inspire you with history of gems, stories of travels and beautifully inspired designs. We hope that each piece you purchase touches your heart and brings you the same joy that we had designing them. We hope you will cherish your pieces for a long time, like we do.

The Blossom and Sky team is enthusiastic about ethical practises, from the hand made pieces through to the recyclable packaging..

Our Ethics.

We have developed strong ties through generations of jewellers over the past 15 years, supporting their small family business. Your pieces are currently being designed in Byron Bay by Lilly Jane & Evelyn Rose; then made by our small family run businesses in Indonesia, South America and Italy.

We constantly strive towards improving our product and practises.

This means that you can wear your beautiful pieces guilt free and with a happy heart.