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mushroom candle lamp refills.
mushroom candle lamp refills next to lit ash candle lamp.
mushroom candle lamp refills next to lit lava candle lamp.
mushroom candle lamp refills next to lit sky blue candle lamp.
mushroom candle lamp refills next to lit cloud white candle lamp.
mushroom candle lamp refills next to lit retro candle lamp.
mushroom candle lamp refills next to lit leopard candle lamp.
Mushroom candle lamp refills.




If you loved our sustainable candle lamp, but the wax has run out. We now have our sustainable Olive Wax candle refills. With olive candle wax and high quality fragrance, these are the perfect alternative to paraffin based tea lights or votive candles. With these refills you will get:

1x glass jar with wooden lid

6x Votive sized, fragranced, olive wax candles.

Burn Time: approx 12-15 hours per candle. Box comes with 6 candles.

  • Candle Lamp sold separately .


Begin by gently cleaning the base of your candle lamp using
      hot water and a mild detergent. Then dry with a tea towl.
Avoid abrasive sponges. Opt for a soft sponge or washcloth 
      instead to preserve the lamps beauty.

Handle with care. Do not exceed 70° hot water and do not
      use cold water in the jar immediately after cleaning, to avoid 
      thermal shock to the glass which can cause breakage.

Safely set aside the wooden lid from the small refill jar, for 
      future use.

Insert the refill candle into the small glass jar provided, and 
      then carefully place the jar into the base of your candle lamp.

Once everything is in place, light the candle, replace the lid
      on your lamp, and indulge in the warm ambiance.

It's important not to place the candle directly into the base 
      without the small clear jar, as it may melt too quickly and 
      compromise the integrity of the lamp.

Note: The wooden lid serves a dual purpose; not only does 
      it preserve the contents of your jar, but it also allows you to 
      repurpose the jar once you've enjoyed all your refills.

Fragrances Available:

Limited Edition:

Pale Purple Night - On a hot summer night, the scent of lavender combined with sweet tonka, and amber. This scent is decadent soft and relaxing

Notes: Bergamot, Lavender, White Flower, Cedar wood, Musk & Amber.

Evening Haze: This scent is like a warm autumn evening by a crackling fire, with the cozy aroma of orange, caramel, and vanilla blending with smoky chestnut, rich amber, musk, and earthy cedarwood and patchouli.

Notes: Orange, Elemi, Chestnut, Smokey, Amber, Musk, Vanilla, Caramel, Cedarwood, Patchouli.

Spring Rose: The fresh tuberose, with hints of citrus develop into a light musky woody scent. A soft powdery scent with a woody heart.

Notes: Mandarin, Galbanum, Ylang, Neroli, Jasmin, Rose, Tuberose, Hyacinth, Musk, Patchouli.

Cardamom Bloom: This fragrance is like a cozy evening in a luxurious garden, with the fresh zing of bergamot, spicy cardamom, and rich jasmine, all wrapped up in the warm embrace of sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla bean, and musk.

Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, Musk

Black Tea with Bergamot - This fragrance captures the serene essence of a sunny afternoon tea, blending citrusy bergamot and lemon with the comforting aroma of black tea and delicate floral undertones, evoking a peaceful and refreshing experience.

Notes: Citrus, Bergamot, Lemon, Sage, Black Tea, Floral

European Coffee - This fragrance evokes the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee, with sweet hazelnut notes, a hint of sweet cocoa, and a rich, earthy base, reminiscent of a cozy morning in a bustling café.

Notes: Sweet, coffee, roasted, balsam, herbs, Nutty, almond, roasted peanut, baked bread, cocoa, earth, woody, burnt, spicy, butter.

Almond Biscotti- This scent is like savouring a freshly baked almond biscotti with hints of sweet orange, honey, maple syrup, clove, cardamom, and a warm base of vanilla, cedarwood, and vetiver. 

Notes: Maple Syrup, Sweet Orange, Honey, Almond, Clove, Spice, Cardamom, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Vetiver.

Oud: This fragrance is a beautifully balanced blend of warm sweetness, exotic woods, and rich spices. It starts with a comforting and inviting sweetness, transitions to a sophisticated and complex heart, and finishes with a warm, spicy, and sensual base.

Notes:Tonka bean, Vanilla, Agilawood, Jequitiba, Amber, Cardamom

Variety Pack: The Cafe: - 2x European Coffee, 2x Black Tea and Bergamot, 2x Almond Biscotti Refills.  

Candle Cautions: Please never leave a flame unattended. Place candle lamp on a heat resistant surface and use protective gloves when taking off the lid to extinguish flame, as glass can get extremely hot.

This candle lamp has been hand poured by us using:
- Olive wax (soy, palm and paraffin free).
- high quality luxury fragrance.
- cotton wicks.

This jar has been hand moulded with glass to be heat resistant. Wooden lid with silicon seal.

Please note: These are handmade and will have minor imperfections such as naturally occurring bubbles, tiny dents and other tiny man made errors.

Tips to help you get the most out of your candle.

- Always trim your wicks 7mm before each use. Tunnelling can occur if wicks are trimmed too short or black soot/ mushroom wick may occur if wick is left too long.

- Do not burn for less than 30mins or more than 3 hours at a time.

- Allow the candle to burn until the entire top layer of the candle is liquid, reaching from edge to edge across the candle (this can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours for a single-wick candle and longer for a multi-wick candle, typically 1 hour per 1 inch of the candle diameter.

- Place candle in a non-draughty area away from small children, pets and flammable materials.

- Place Candle on a heat resistant surface.

- Never place candle on an uneven surface.

- Never leave flame unattended.

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