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What Is A Sustainable Candle Lamp?

What Is A Sustainable Candle Lamp?

What is a Sustainable Candle Lamp?

A sustainable candle lamp is a unique decretive candle and an alternative to electric lighting. We created a lamp shaped glass vessel with removable lid, filled with 100% soy wax. We use 2 cotton wicks for more light and each candle has roughly an 80 hour burn time. We have labelled these candle lamps as sustainable because they are reusable and we are hopeful that our customers will turn the lights off, even for an hour to cut back on electricity.

How are our Candle Lamps sustainable? 

A reusable vessel, glass that if discarded will break down. Our candle making our process, using solar power and tank water for cleaning our reusable equipment. The vessel is also reusable. Once the candle has burnt down, it can be used as an eclectic vase, decorative piece, you can purchase our olive wax refills or simply place a tea light or votive candle inside to continue using as a lamp.

Are there refills for the Candle Lamps?

Yes! These have taken months to develop something that lasts and is not wasteful. The refills come with one small glass jar, to place inside your lamp along with 6 of our 100% Olive wax pillar candles. Why Olive wax? It's one of the leaders in eco friendly wax, olive wax takes up a smaller space when farming and you get more out of each harvest. Being a new wax of the market does make the price point higher, hence choosing to just make the refills out of Olive wax for now. The glass jar also comes with a bamboo lid, therefore once you have finished using the jar for your lamp, thoroughly wash it out and it can be used for storage.

Are the Candle Lamps scented with essential oils?

With our candle lamps we have chosen not to use 100% essential oils. We have chosen this for our candles because we can access a vast array of different fragrances, our fragrances are derived from natural materials and have been regulated and stabilised to be low allergenic. This basically means they will be less harmful if in contact with skin. We love essential oils but because they are so pure, they can cause skin irritation and some can't be used around pregnant women or people with sensitivities. 

How are the Candle Lamps Eco friendly?

The term Eco friendly gets thrown around a lot these days. How we view it is making conscious choices when buying products, buying product that can be reused and choosing alternatives when it comes to using resources such as plastic that cause carbon emission. Our lamps are a great alternative to having all the lights on plus they are hand made and hand poured. We use packaging that is bio-degradable, recycled or reusable. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products sustainability and quality, we aim to be as transparent as possible with our process and we offer worldwide carbon neutral shipping.

If you have any further question of suggestion feel free to send an email and we will do our best to answer your query.

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