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Blue Tigers Eye Bone bracelet. A deep rich dark blue gemstone with highlights of lighter blues and streaks of brown. Looking into this bracelet we are reminded of a cool waterfall crashing against the rocks as it falls. A soothing and hypnotising stone to wear. 

Stone metaphysical properties: Blue tigers eye, also known as Hawks eye is quite a rarity of the tigers eye family. In particular this stone is a very soothing semi-precious stone that eases anxiety and cools hot tempers. Tigers eye brings insight to complex situations, protects from negative energy, attracts good luck, helps bring focus to the mind, assists in meditation, grounds personal energy by letting go of fears and promoting mental clarity. Go with the flow is the main metaphysical feature gemstone. 

Components: All of our jewellery is hand-crafted using quality metals and natural gemstones. This piece has been made with blue tigers eye and elastic. 

Measurements: One size fits most (Elasticated band) 18mm length by 10mm width (roughly) tigers eye.

Packaging: All of our pieces come in a beautifully marbled box and eco friendly cotton pouch with tissue paper surrounding your new piece. 

Our ethic: Our products are designed and made with love and care. All respect for materials and those concerned in the making of our jewels has being given.