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Our Gemstones

Our Gemstones

Where are our luxe gemstones sourced?

We are lucky enough to have a gemologist that helps us to source the finest natural gemstones from Brazil. Our gemologist does everything from the finding the stone to cutting and polishing them. When finding the stones, this is not done through mass mining and unethical working conditions. Our gemologist is a lawyer by day so this is purely a hobby, a passion and a source of extra income. Due to this reason, we never know what gemstones will be found and what will be available to us. We also don't put pressure on precise cutting of the gemstones rather we enjoy the individuality of each stone. Doing it this way ensures minimal stone wastage by trying to fit certain measurements.

Photo below is of natural Citrine stone, recently found by our gemologist. We look forward to receiving some of these beautiful gemstones in the months to come. Then we will hand draw the settings and send them to our small family business in Indonesia for hand-crafting our jewels. 

What are ethically sourced gemstone?

When something is ethically sourced it means that work conditions are safe and up to standards of the country, everyone is paid properly and there is no slave labor involved.

Where are the rest of your gemstones sourced?

As for the rest of our gemstones, we source them either from repurposed vintage jewels or from small ethical businesses all over the world. We try to purchase mainly from small practises where we know its ethically sourced and produced on a small scale.

Even though demand is high with some of our pieces we choose not to source through unethical suppliers and high impacting mines. 

What is a heat treated or dyed gemstone?

Heat treating is when a lower grade of crystals with a lack of colouring is put through a heating process to give it a stronger colouring. We only use these if we really want a rare, hard to source stone in our design and the untreated natural stone is extremely expensive, or unethically sourced eg. sapphires, emeralds, ruby's etc. We will state in our description of materials if the stone has been heat treated.

We definitely choose not to work with dyed stones, as the dyed can fade and run. Dying stones is usually a process done to clear or white stones often its a poor quality stone used.

What is a Nano gemstone? 

This is an option we find a lot of jewellery brands opting for and its not a bad option. Basically it is when they take a nano particle of a natural gemstone placed with a mixture of glass ceramic material to simulate a real gemstone. The reason they are used so much in the jewellery world is because of their durability and all Nano gemstones come out exactly the same colour and shape. Which is great when making an abundance of the same pieces.

Why we have chosen to source gemstones our way?

Man has always had a fascination with gemstones, not only for their gorgeous colours but their metaphysical properties also. We want you to feel all the love, healing and know the gemstone piece you are wearing is unique and special to you. It is in line with our ethos to focus only on natural stones and ensure our jewellery making process follows the same guidelines, choosing to work only with small family run work shops. This journey is personal to us and to us that's how jewels should be, an extension of your inner self. Representing your style, your flare and authentically you.

Our emails and social platforms are always open, if you ever want to discuss gemstones, the metaphysical meanings or if you have any questions. We love discussing all things gemstone!

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Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping Spend $150.00 SGD for free shipping
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