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Our lioness, silver earrings with lapis lazuli gemstone. Earrings with a symbolic meaning of Bastet and Sekhmet. We were drawn to creating a unique lioness earrings with a historical meaning. A pair of lioness earrings with a unique twist. 

Sekhmet and Bastet were Lioness goddess's of Egypt. Bastet was seen as the gentle side of Sekhmet, her job was to create perfumes and ointments for mummification.  

The lioness goddess was responsible of guarding her temple from any trespassing rodents and threats, including mortals with lower energy, they were not allowed to enter her temple. Treating anyone injured with healing ointments and perfumes then enbalming bodies going into the afterlife. This is why you will see the lioness bottles in Egyptian exhibitions in museums.    


All of our jewellery is hand-crafted using quality metals and natural gemstones.
This piece has been made with:
- Sterling silver 925.
- Lapis Lazuli Gemstone.

Vermeil gold is a silver 925 jewel that has been plated with 18k gold (2.5 micron), for a longer lasting brilliance.

Due to the natural state of our gemstone and hand-craftsmanship of our jewels, you may find minor marks, additions and our unique gemstones may slightly differ stone to stone.


Measurements: 20mm length by 20mm width.

Stone Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical Properties:
- Power
- Love
- Serenity
- Spirituality
- Truth
The Royal Egyptians believed in its power to enhance ones ability to see in the spirit world. Captivated by its power and royal blue colour the Lapis was ground into powder form to decorate their eyelids.

Care Guide

We want your new jewels to last as long as possible. To ensure that happens, please follow these simple care tips:

Cosmetics, perfume, and chemicals can dull the shine of a gemstone, fade vermeil gold, and tarnish sterling silver. It's best to spritz your perfume and apply cosmetics before adorning your sparkling jewels for the day or night.

To protect the beauty of your jewels, avoid wearing them in water. Remove them before bathing, showering, and swimming. When not in use, store them in their original packaging to shield them from sunlight and moisture, ensuring their longevity.

Polish your vermeil gold gently with a cotton cloth. Use a silver polish cloth for silver-only jewels, but remember to avoid gems and vermeil gold.

Our gold is 18 karat gold vermeil, which is similar to gold plating but specifically placed over sterling silver instead of mixed metals. We've applied a 2.5-micron coat of gold for a more durable gold finish.

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