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Manifestation Quartz Gemstones

Manifestation Quartz Gemstones

Manifestation Quartz Crystal Gemstones

What is a Manifestation Quartz Gemstone?

A manifestation quartz crystal is a rare and special thing. This is where a clear quartz crystal develops and encapsulates another quartz inside itself. The smaller quartz growing inside the larger quartz can sometimes have mineral inclusions such as Iron Oxide ( Tangerine Quartz ), Red hematoid - Silicon Dioxide (fire quartz), lodolite (crystal garden forming with the inclusion) and so many more.

The small crystal within is still an unresolved mystery. The way mother nature creates and forms a crystal to such perfection in a larger quartz (occasionally surrounded by other minerals), is something we have no answer to. These manifestation quartz crystals have also been referred to as "The baby within crystals".

What is the Metaphysical Meaning of the Manifestation Quartz Gemstone?

Manifestation quartz is use to plant the seeds of desire. The crystal is here to remind you to focus, have clear thoughts and intent and to succeed in creating your dreams. The crystal is most useful at the start of a project or brainstorming your desires daily, however it requires focus and clear thoughts.

Manifestation Quartz have been known to be a purity and clarity crystal. It has been told that the smaller quartz inside the larger clear crystal is like a child in the womb. The 2 resonate high vibrational energy amplifying your dreams, creativity and desires. Therefore this stone will help you birth them into manifestation, alongside all the things you hold close to your heart. 

What Does Manifestation Mean?

Manifestation means vibrating at the same vibrational frequency as your desires, that you create them into your life experience. Everything in the world is made up of energy; therefore when we manifest our desires and dreams we are bringing them into real life. Many use crystals to assist with getting into alignment with this energy. Crystal metaphysical properties can help clear paths, remind you of your intentions, and put you at ease knowing energetically you are being looked after. 

Although the healing properties of crystals hasn't been proven scientifically, for centuries people have looked to gemstones for answers. 

Are Manifestation Quartz Crystals Rare?

Manifestation Quartz crystals are quite rare. Depending on the quality of the finding, clarity, carats and if the small crystal inclusion is perfectly in tact, the prices can be very high. These gemstones are only found in two locations in the world, which also makes them quite rare to find. 

How to look after my Manifestation Quartz? 

Manifestation crystals are known as hard quartz and are safe in water. It's important to find out if your crystals are ok in the water. They come from nature so it's only natural that some can be fragile. Usually soft gemstones are not used for any jewellery, as it can even be effected by our sweat. Your setting will generally determine if your jewellery is water safe (silver 925 is shower safe, gold vermeil is not shower safe). To clean your jewellery, head over to our care tips for more info.

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