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Floating on the water like a delicate leaf-like lily pad. The circular leaf pearl necklace awaits to be seen in all its beauty. It amazes us how different every pearl looks, from colouring to shape, they truely are something unique. Starting as a tiny grain of sand or germ entering a molluscs, together they become something truely special. 

A misshapen pearl, encased in silver, highlights its exquisite hidden colours. If you look close enough you will see a rainbow within our pearls. Take a piece of the ocean home with you.

Stone metaphysical properties: A pearl can symbolise purity and wisdom from the depth of the ocean. The pearl is known as a sincerity symbol. They were once thought to be gods and goddesses tears in different ancient lores. 

Components: All of our jewellery is hand-crafted using quality metals and natural gemstones. This piece has been made with sterling silver 925 and pearl.

Measurements:  45mm length, 25mm width. Pearl 22mm diameter.

                 Chain: 60cm, with two adjustable sizes.

Packaging: All of our pieces come in a beautifully marbled box and eco friendly cotton pouch with tissue paper surrounding your new piece. 

Our ethic: Our products are designed and made with love and care. All respect for materials and those concerned in the making of our jewels has being given.

Our pieces: Our pieces are individually hand-crafted using quality metals. This means that your jewellery could have minor marks and additions, including our aged silver range. Our gemstones are unique and may differ slightly from stone to stone.